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How To Talk To A Girl You Have Met For The First Time

Talking to a girl you like for the first time can be a great havoc. When you have the courage to do it, there is a great chance of her liking you back. Below are some tricks that will help you get over the trauma of talking to a lady when you meet her for the first time.

1. Keep the conversation going by saying something. If you wait for long before saying a thing, chances are that you may not say it. A simple Hi can make the conversation going. Also try something playful to her.

2. To spark her interest, comment on a thing that you have in common. Believe me not there is always something common between the two of you even when you think there isn't. It doesn't necessarily need to be something big. Just look around and let it help you start the conversation.

3. Request something from her so that she can be encouraged to like you back. Remember not to go for big things. The whole idea might sound awkward but the thing is that people love to help when asked to. It will make them like you more.

4. Calm yourself by taking deep breaths if you feel anxious. It is a normal thing to feel tense when talking to someone for the first time. You therefore need to be ready before making the next step. Another way is to bolster yourself. Tell yourself silently that you can do it.

5. Stay confident throughout the conversation to tell her that you are really interested. Speak in a clear voice and stand tall. Many ladies find confidence to be attractive and a fake one can work best.

6. Smile at her and see if she responds. A smile is a straight indicator that she is ready for you to talk to her. See if the smile is real or faked. This you can know by seeing if it has reached her eyes. Only then can you approach her.

7. Check if she holds your gauze. Stare into her eyes and maintain the eye contact for some time while smiling. If she holds it, she is interested in your conversation.

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