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Reasons Why Married Ladies Cheat in a Relationship

It is often assumed that men are the ones who cheat alot in a relationship or marriage. The society has gone ahead to see that when men cheat there is no problem and that is horrible they were created,it is even ok for a man to have more than one wife and side chicks,no one will complain about this. But when a woman cheats, it is considered to be so bad. We should always know that a woman can only cheat with reasons. Many women are so loyal to their husbands but if you find one cheating it is because of different reasons. Let's have a look at the reasons;

1)They are lonely, maybe the husband spends alot of time in the office or travelling for business trips, ladies always to feel loved this will make her to have an extramarital affairs.

2)They are going through a midlife crisis, for example the lose of a parent, child or even job makes some ladies to have affairs outside their marriages as the husband may fail to understand her.

3) They are expressing anger, and they afraid of saying it so the best thing to do is they resort to cheating.

4)They feel emotionally starved and they finding themselves having extramarital affairs to help them become emotional stable.

5)There intimacy level is not being met by the husband and this is among the main reason why ladies cheat.

Before we judge and speak evil about ladies who cheat in our society, let's learn to find out the reasons why they are doing that. I hope the article helps you,share your views and the article to your friends.

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