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Things You Should Do To Make A Woman Get Obsessed with You

To get addicted to something obvious you need to develop attention to it as well as finding it attractive and significant to your life. People get fully occupied by various things in life and their minds settle on them such that they can't stop thinking about such things. This creates a very strong bond which makes you inseparable. Maybe if you spend a day without seeing your best friend you feel sick and bored. This is what we call obsession and mostly occurs among romantic lovers. 

A girl who is too much attracted to you will always want to be with you everywhere. She calls every moment to just hear your deep sweet voice and this gives her a new energy. Of course every man wants this type of girl, addicted to him. It's easy to make your girlfriend behave so if only you employ very simple tricks. 

This article describes the various tips you should use to make a girl feel obsessed to your life. 

1. Give her space. 

Of course ladies love guys who give them ample time to do their own things comfortably without interruptions. She needs free space to go out with friends, hang around and socialize. Obvious if you keep on monitoring her moves she'll be like you're having a suspicious eye on her. So just show up at different times, not too frequently. You can skip two weekends,then pay a visit later. So this makes her schedule balanced plus your absence increases the rate at which she misses you. 

2. Be independent. 

This is standing strong like a man, catering for your needs including finance and still providing for what your girlfriend wants. No woman can settle for a guy that depends on others for satisfaction because it will be like adding another dependence on your shoulders. An independent guy also has his own life principles and isn't moved by waves. Makes firm decisions, sticks to them and peer pressure influence can't shake his stands. 

3. Listen to her. 

A man who gives his girlfriend a listening ear is much different from the one that just assumes she's just being petty and clingy. Ladies are too choosy at some point but you still have to hear out her opinions. It's her choice and so she deserves to be listened to, responded positively and encouraged to push on. If you ignore her she'll get someone else who's ready to fulfill her desires. Respect her opinions when it comes to debating on certain issues. This means you value what she offers no matter how little it is. 

So guys, this is the only best way to make her consider your life as a home away from home. Hope I've passed the message in a complete package so just try these three tips for a better result. 

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