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Studies Shows That Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men

This article contains a list of reasons why less appealing guys make the best life partners according to studies.

They are less likely to cheat

This is because, this kind of men won’t grab that much attention at first sight, meaning that they’ll usually be exposed to less temptation compared to attractive men. With fewer options, guys have less opportunity to go astray and a better chance of staying faithful.

All eyes will be on the woman

Having an attractive man is daunting at times. Going out and knowing that they are in the shadow of their partner will make most women feel insecure and inferior. This might sometimes create tension in the relationship and even cause arguments or fights. Besides that, having a less attractive man beside her, can make the woman feel more confident about her looks and her desirability.

They are fully invested in the relationship

Men are always less focused on their own looks and appeal a d that allows them to give more attention, affection, and emotional support to their partners, which makes them the center of their universe. Researchers found out more physically attractive men are less satisfied with their relationship and less supportive of their wives. Even if you’re dating the biggest heartthrob out there, if your man is hard to please, not a good listener, and doesn’t make you his priority, there is a big chance that the relationship might eventually fail.

The woman will feel more comfortable in her own skin

Another study has revealed that women with more attractive partners are highly motivated to diet. Despite the fact that this doesn’t mean that dieting in itself is bad, but the reason for the motivation shouldn’t be the fact that her man looks better than her. When a lady wants to lose weight or change her appearance in any way to keep up with others, this often indicates that she is not feeling good about herself, which can have repercussions on her self-esteem and even lead to depression.

Putting extra effort into impressing their partners

Its true that less attractive men tend to go the extra mile to please their lovers. Because they're aware that they’re not as blessed in the good looks department, they try to compensate by buying gifts, taking her to a romantic getaway every once in a while, or giving her a hand with the household chores. This will make the woman to feel appreciated and the relationship will grow stronger.

They are funny, charming, and romantic

Since they are usually not used to relying on their looks to attract potential partners, less handsome men tend to develop positive personality traits that help them win the heart of a woman. And as they say, looks fade but the character remains. So having a quality man as your other half is a blessing that needs to be appreciated.

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