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Opinion: Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even If You Are Ideal Woman

Women want to have a great relationship one day but some fail to meet one. When a lady fail to get into a relationship, it may not be due to her bad behaviors but due to other reasons.

Anytime they try to portray their best version they still fail to find love. A lot of questions keep on running in their mind on how to be successful in this exercise.

If you are a victim of this, then you need to read this article to know why you are in such situation. These are reasons;

1. Probably, you are perfectly self-sufficient. It is difficult to find a man who will feel comfortable dating a lady who is fully independent. Men want to add value to the life of a woman, but if you are capable of being independent and self sufficient, it will be hard for you to get a man.

2. You are quick in quiting bad bets. What this point mean is that, a woman will have certain objectives that she want her man to have. If she meets a guy and find out that he has not yet achieved those objectives, then she quits. Sometimes you maybe lucky to meet that guy, but it is good to give someone a chance and time because no one starts at the top.

3. You are used to being lonely. Feeling comfortable when you are alone ruther than with friends sounds bad. Lacking social skills to interact with individuals leads to even spending your all life single.

4. You are always attractive to wrong men. Probably, being an independent woman will make men be walking far away from you, because they will feel they can't add up something in your life.. As a attractive you are, it will reflect only to the wrong kind of men who will not appreciate how valuable you are. Therefore you will prefer to sit and wait for a man who will appreciate you.

5. You continuously keep yourself busy with other things. Yes you are a working material lady, but if you are too busy with your work and other life aspects, you will never be in a relationship. This is because you can't afford to give it time.

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