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Divorce Affair

'I Have Decided To Marry A Woman And Not A Man Again Because Of Two Failed Marriages' Woman Narrates

Netizens online have came together online to advise a heartbroken woman who has disclosed she's now choosing to become a lesbian after her two failed marriages. The lady from Ghana, said that her husband cheated on her with her female best friends.

(Photo| The Ghanian Heartbroken Woman)

Her first relationship ended after her friend slept with her husband. Her second marriage ended after her best friend cheated with her husband when she was away from her home for three weeks because she had gone to her father's funeral.

She had left her child with her second husband who was German with accompany of her best friend to travel to Ghana. She trusted her friend too much that she had no reason to think the duo will have an affair. They then started dating and a friend of her husband told him about the affair when she was in Ghana.

Her ex-husband defended himself by saying that her friend started the affair but she later found out it was her ex-husband who initiated the affair. Because of two failed marriages, she has sworn to never get married to a man but she will marry a lady.

(Photo| Courtsey)

Netizens advised her it's better for her to stay single than commit such a big sin in her life.

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

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