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Simple Ways To Make A Girl Chase You.

Convincing a woman to fall in love sometimes seems hard such that some men just give up on pleading. Of course if you keep on persisting you'll look desperate and needy. This is how disrespect begins because that girl thinks that you've nothing else to do.

You don't have to spend too much trying to please a woman or sound nice to her. It's a matter of employing very simple but legit tricks that will make her chase you. The various things you do will increase her interest in you such that she finds it hard to lose you. 

The following are things you should do to make a woman chase you. 

1. Stay busy. 

This means you don't have to be available all the time. If you keep on showing up just to please her then that's a very big mistake that you should avoid. Moreover, give her space to socialize with other people as you also have other things to do.

She'll feel your absence, try to reach out but find that you're busy with life. This will help teach her that besides spending time together, there is much better jobs to be attended to. That's why you just spare few minutes for her then get back to your life businesses. 

2. Make her jealous.

Of course if her love is genuine she'll be afraid of losing you to her friends. Not that you should actually date other girls, but just talk to them in the normal friendship way. Your crush will have a suspicious eye thinking that you're flirting with them.

But please don't overdo because she may lose interest in you. This is not hurting her but a way of earning her attention every moment without using too much energy. 

3. Look physically irresistible. 

Being irresistible means having a cute appearance. As usual ladies prefer men with cute abs, strong muscles, tall, dark and handsome. You can work on a physically fit body by going for regular gym workouts. The image is a reflection of satisfaction that every lady yearns for. These unique features will make her stay in the outlook just to have a glance at you. 

Thus employing these three tips is an added advantage for you to avoid the hide and seek game when looking for love. Just invest in these skills and you'll have the best result.

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