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Divorce Affair

Man Reveals How He Has Gone For Seven Years Without Being Intimate With His Wife

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A lot of things are happening in marriages. Men are going through hard times and so are some women who are in marriage.

Divorce is not a shocking thing for some modern couples, not like the days of our ancestors who recognized the importance of marriage, and how to honor your spouse.

Every morning we see and watch a new drama from lovers or from couples.

Despite the fact that many become engaged in front of their parents and crowds, they still happen to divorce after a short time in marriage. They do not respect the traditions that were used in their marriage.

Then one man related how he had been having problems with his wife for seven years.

He recounts how his wife has been forbidding him from being intimate with her and consequently failing to sire a child with her for seven years.

"My wife has been denying me my right to bed for seven years now, I don't know why, but she doesn't want us to have a baby together even though we have been married for all those years," he explained.

In life is it normal for a man and a woman to be married for all those years and fail to have a child? Comment down below.

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