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Surprising Reasons Why Women Value Money Over Love.

Hello there, am glad that you are still following our page. Today we shall be looking on some of the reasons why women value money over love. Meanwhile if you haven't followed our page, kindly follow for more articles and don't forget to comment if you have any compliment or view. Without wasting much time let's quickly look on some of the points.

She isn't personally driven.

There are alot of articles that are posted online on how you can make her attracted to you or ways you can win her instantly. Yes some maybe true but most of them aren't true. What u would advise you to do is to make money first.

No matter how handsome you are and you don't have money, you are nothing. Alot of women aren't self driven but you can't blame them. Most of them were told by their parents that the should get married to a wealthy man.

Due to such believes, she will grow knowing that wealthy men are the best. I would advise you to be self driven because if you like that wealthy man, what about the rest. Struggle with your man until you make it in life.

She's trying to break the chain of poverty in her family.

This is another reason that show why women prefer money over love. In most African countries, parents view their daughters as assets. By that am trying to say that once a girl is old enough to get married, her parents will use that opportunity to benefit themselves.

Once she is married to a wealthy man, she will try as much as possible to get money from her. This is because she has a mentality that she should liberate her family from poverty. As a woman, you should value yourself, don't be just after property. True love isn't based on earthly pleasures.

She wants finer things.

Am sure it's everyone's dream to enjoy all the good type of food while taking some fine drinks. So when a girl notices that she can't achieve such ambitions, she may start using. As a man, you should be aware so that you can avoid being used by her at any cost.

You should atleast date a girl who is focused. A girl who is well educated can help you achieve your dreams together. Avoid involving yourself with women who can't see the future. You can achieve your goal by just making a first step. That step is choosing the right woman for yourself.

Last but not least, she believes that men should take care of women. You should try as much as possible by getting rid of such people in your life. A good relationship requires dedication from both parties and not vice versa.

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