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5 Signs That A Lady Is Not Interested In You

Love is one of the nicest feelings and again the most hurtful thing in the world. However many have fallen victim to the pain of being rejected or even humiliated by loved ones especially the person you expected to be with you through thick and thin. For men it can be even worst when they realise the betrayal in love especially after making outrageous sacrifices in order to keep the fire of love burning. However there are early signs of betrayal that a man can use to determine the fate of his love for a woman . Below are some signs that can easily tell you that a girl isn't into you.

When she constantly avoids physical contact

Physical engagement is a crucial part of love life any no one would wish to have a partner who constantly avoids physical contact. Romance mostly involves engaging one's body and it is not limited to touching thus physical contact is key in a relationship.

When she intentionally changes her plans

If she constantly changes or cancels her plans against your will then that is a sign of untrustworthy girlfriend or wife. A loving woman will always be straight forward about her plans and will not always give unwarranted excuses about something.

When she starts giving you dull replies in conversations

Especially is the dating period in a relationship, if she starts to use certain words that don't really make sense or aren't the expected answers to a certain question then you should be concerned. Incase a woman loves you she will always want to talk to you even more, she won't even try to give to hurtful answers or comments, she would always want to keep you.

When she occasionally avoids introducing you to her friends and relatives

A good girlfriend or wife would always want to show you off to her friends and close relatives. Girls tend to feel satisfied with their boyfriends or husbands after introducing them to friends and making sure that you are well versed with each of their close relatives. If she avoids such kinds of things then just know it is time to get out of such a detrimental relationship.

When she insists on being your friend rather than your lover

If a woman tries to shift from being your lover into just a friend then she doesn't see any future with you. A woman who truly loves you would wish to be with you forever and she won't even be shy about confessing it. 

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