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6 Funny Responses A Lady Gives If She hates You for a Relationship

Ladies are so funny when responding to men after being asked for a love relationship. They see themselves as having greater power to decide whether to accept a relationship or not. Even if they have authority over that, it doesn't mean they will stay without a man. We are social beings and we all need a lover in life. Here are the funniest responses that ladies give. Some might be hurting.

1. I have no feelings for you

Have you ever been told this?

This means, she doesn't need to relate with you in anyway. She has nothing to feel about you.

2. I don't want to have ugly children

This might be serious case which it might raise someone's emotions. She is trying to tell you that you are not handsome.

3. Labour room is not something to Joke with

This is when your head seems bigger than normal ones. They respond this way even if they don't actually mean it. They just want to keep you away from them.

4. We don't fly together

You are not of her level. She is trying to tell you to look someone of your level. She is of higher status than you

5. loving you for what?

Our young ladies today worship money more than the love itself. If she response this way, she is indirectly saying you are broke. Another way in which this can be true, is your handsomeness. Maybe you are not attractive to her

6. I am not a begger

Here, she knows your background. Maybe you come from a poor background and she needs someone rich to settle with. Or maybe at that moment, she understands your financial status as being low.

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