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Things that men like their partners to do

You must be compatible with each other.

This will help things to work out in smoothly in your relationship even in tough situations. Compatible couples will solve their differences in a quick and mature way by making sure that their relationship doesn't get affected negatively. And even if it get affected negatively they look for a best way to solve the problem.

Make sure that you are someone he can confide in.

Don't you ever be someone who doesn't know how to keep secrets remember; this is the most important quality which most of women lack. If you want you man be in love with you, you must make him believe in you. This will help you to know him well by getting to know his likes and dislikes. When you have won his trust he will be able to reveal his secrets and feelings thus giving you a chance to rectify where you might have gone wrong and won his love.

Appreciate and compliment him

Make your man feel that he can make it in life. Bring the impossible impact to possible. Avoiding lamenting each and time this will make him feel guilty and will not be at ease when you are around.Thus he will flee from your side. So it will be difficult to win his love. At least show appreciation on some of his moves. Also compliment him make him feel comfortable with you. Let him know that he's important to you.

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