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15 Characteristics That Shows True Love In A Relationship

There are characteristics which shows true love in a relationship and there are characteristics which shows falls love in a relationship.Here are characteristics that shows true love.

1.True love does not come to an end.When it is true that the love is genuine, there is no end point of the love.The love will last forever without an end.

2.True love comes from God and it continues in God.It comes from God.

3.There is no fighting in true love.There must not conflict in true love.There should be reconciliation incase mistakes arise.

4.True love is when everybody is faithful to one another.One must love his or her partner only.

5.True love is committed.Is when everybody become committed to one another.

6 True Love is when everybody care one another.Both of partner should care for one another both in hard time and good time.

7.True love is when there is respect in both partners.True love is when one listen to what other one has said and take action for what he or she has said.

8.True love is deep.There is no climax in true love.No separation in true love.

9.Is when one forgive one another's mistakes.One must forgive one another's mistakes.

10.True love is when one encourages his or her partner and gives support.One must support his or her partner and encourage him or her work.

11.In true love there is trust between partners.One must trust his or her partner for what he or she is doing.

12.True love is when there is patient between partners.One must be patient to one another.

13.There is humble and kind in true love.There is kindness and humble in true love.

14.True love is when you forgive those who mistaken you and those who do not forgive you.

15.There must be righteousness in true love.One must be righteous in true love.

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