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Sex Toys And Shisha Pipes Pile Up At JKIA Stores

Like any other country, Kenya has got it's laws and they are supposed to be adhered to for one to be on the right side of the driveway.There are items that are illegal, banned or restricted.Not every item is owned casually.Some require a process while some are easy to acquire.There are items that require the owner to be certified by the government such as drones.

Many of these items are pilling up in the stores of JKIA because the owner are unable to meet the demands of the government.Kra has a hefty tax amount on sex toys and that is why owners are unable to come for them.After importing the goods, the owners later realize that getting the goods to the market isn't as easy.

For the case of drones one has to renew his or her certificate each and every year.The cost of renewing the certificate goes up to 50 thousand Ksh.

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