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Dating Romantic

Little things that means a lot to him

1. Compliment him

Everyone loves to receive compliments. The trick is to make sure that the compliments are genuine and sincere that automatically makes them more meanings.

2. Let him vent

Generally guys tend to bottke uo their emotions especially when they are negative. This means that guys shouldn't be too emotional. This leads to the choice blow up when he gets pushed right over the edge.

3. Encourage them to take time for himself

Men took the burdens of those they care for. He might not show it and you might not know it but he probably worries alot about you.

4. Get physical with him

Physical means goes for beyond just sex. It is the little physical connections throughout the day . It also nice to always be the one ti initiate those connections

5. Seek his opinion

They like fixing things for you and they take oridevin it. It is part of that innate protector role for them. It feeks good to be valued and by seeking his opinion you are showing that you value him and his opinion

6. Be adventurous

Lots of relationships start out adventurous but then fizzle into a monotonous routine of comfort. Seeking out ways to keep things existing shows you are a man that care about him and your relationship.

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