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8 Body Reactions And How You Can Actually Control Them

Sometimes our bodies react in a mysterious way. These reactions are controlled either physically or psychologically. Here are some of the ways that can actually help control some of these body reactions.

1. The homo erectus- It is not possible for people to know when women are aroused by just looking at them. On the other hand, guys will show emotions when thinking of a certain girl or watching a steamy vedio. This is really embarrassing especially when in public. However, there are many ways to deal with this problem where the most common one is diverting your mind and thinking about something else which is far from romantic situation. You can also make a fist for about 30 seconds which reduces blood flow down there.

2. Stuffy/runny nose- Stuffy nose makes it difficult for one to breathe well. It can be controlled by messaging the area between the eyebrows.

3. Hiccups- They occur due many reasons such as eating too much, too fast or munching spicy food. Hiccups can be controlled by breathing in and out for 5 seconds.

4. Sudden pain when you run- This sudden piercing pain happens when you don't warm up properly before running. It can be controlled by shifting your body weight to the opposite side.

5. Irritated throat- Irritated throat causes frequent coughing. It can be controlled by sipping some water or massaging the left ear opening if water is unavailable.

6. The pain from getting a shot- Always try to distract your mind when receiving an injection to reduce the intensity of the pain that you will experience.

7. Urgency to pee- If it will take some time to reach the toilet, trying to scratch your calves for few seconds will give some more time and control the urgency that you feel.

8. Overheating of body- When your body is overheating, try placing something cold on your wrists or under the knees to get a cooling effect. Wearing a headband or wristbands can also help prevent body overheating.

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