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How to Handle the Pressure on Marrying

This goes out to all single people out there who are getting pressure on when to marry from tribal chiefs and clan elders. Somehow society revolves behind this mediocrity, that when you are having a successful social life and a wonderful career that you should put the effort into finding a romantic partner.

well, this shouldn't pressure you. Remind yourself why you are single, perhaps you feel more at peace being single for now and you will consider finding a partner in the future.

Being single gives you independence, gives you time to go out and have drinks with your friends, take road trips. You can see the stronger side of you because you don't have to rely on your partner for anything. It gives you a chance to build your self-esteem since you don't get any ones opinion to shake you. It gives you no pain, no suffering since you don't have high expectations from anyone.

Plus you are not alone, because you have your family and friend around you. And when the time is right you will give up some of your privacy for a life with a partner which is a good thing. Just ignore the pressure for now but consider finding a partner in the future. Having a partner rises the mortality rate as explained by researchers.

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