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Why Men Leave After Getting What They Want - Benjamin Zulu Exposes

Love strengthens the connection between partners when done in the right context in marriage.It helps them plan for their future together. Now young people stupidly get involved in such activities, and end up calling it 'chemistry'. It then ends up taking the centre stage in the relationship. Pre-marital acts is a different affair outside marriage. People that are dating people are not yet husband and wife. Its compared to stealing since its done in the wrong context.Benjamin Zulu [Image|Courtesy]

That is why men leave because they feel they have no connection with their partners neutrality is gone. They are no longer special to the man anymore cause he thinks the woman has weak morals. The man ends up believing that that he isn't the only man. They rule her off as special or attainable after acquiring what they want.

Benjamin Zulu [Image |Courtesy]

Men mostly want to just prove to themselves that they can perform well in the act. Women are no longer neutral, things have changed. It is then accompanied with awkward feelings afterwards . Embarrassment and shame makes them feel guilty afterwards. The lady is then left on her own to take care of her pregnancy. They end up feeling ashamed, compromised and insecure.The man will then start avoiding her calls. They are no longer excited as usual. They come up with excuses to their lack of communication. Benjamin Zulu said people ahould abstain until marriage.

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