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Types Of Men You Should Never Date

There are types of men you should date and types of men you should never date.Here are types of men you should never date.

1.A man who does not respect you.A good man must respect his wife.He should listen to what she is saying and take action for what she has said.But when a man does not respect you, never date the man.

2.A man who hides his password and phone from you.If a man trust his woman, he must give her his phone and password to operate it.If he does not give you both his phone and password,never date the man.

3.Man who makes relationship with other women.Good man should be faithful to her woman.He should love her only as his only woman.He should not make relationship with other women.If you notice that a man is making relationship with other many women, never date the man.

4.Man who does not respond when you are sick.Loving man responds when his woman is sick to ensure that she has visited medical checkup.But when he does not respond to your problem or sickness, never fall in love with him.

6.A man who is lazy in his work.A man should be hardworking to provide his family with basic needs.If he is lazy, his family will not live in comfortable life.If you notice that a man is lazy and can not provide basic needs, never date him.

7.A man with poor hygiene.To impress a woman,you should dress well and practice good hygiene.If a man is in the category of poor hygiene, never date him.

8.A man who does not give you gifts.Some men are very mean to women.If a man is mean, never date him.

9.Man who does not make you laugh and smile.If he does not make jokes to make you laugh and smile, never date him.

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