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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Left Me For Another Woman And I Was Forced to Do The Unthinkable" A Netizen Shares

Out of the high number of relationships and marriages around, a few number of partners comes out to speak about their experiences and shortcomings in the marriages/relationships. With the star Kenya posting about the story of the singer Nviiri and his ex lover sharing the perfect spot of exes relationship, unknown woman has come out to speak about her own experience with an ex husband who had moved on more faster than the lady could let him. The lady narrated the whole misfortune that at one time befell her marriage taking away one of the key contributors of a 'happy marriage' as she claimed and leaving the woman and her children figuring out how to fix the broken pieces. With the walls surrounding the woman's circle of trust, love, passionate and kindness being brought down after her husband finding his own peace somewhere else away from his wife and children, her frustrations directed its way to her work place.

Faddie Sophia turned to be another character of woman whose anger and bad mood controlled her work place falling out with a number of her colleagues despite recieving an alarming number of warnings by her superior. She said that she could spend most of her time hiding her face behind the room that one gave her peace and sense of belonging in the hands of her ex husband. She hid in her bedroom crying and sympathising with her crippled heart and trying soo hard to stay strong for her kids who at their age had included if what their mother was going through. Faddie was a nurse whose work highly required her full attention and most importantly, her passion and devotion, unfortunately, her hurt was still heavy to let the pain left by her husband's departure to accommodate new love for other people. She underperformed her duties as a nurse and could not take that anymore.

Tired of the dreams, unanswered text messages and the blocks on her mobile cell phone, she decided to adapt a new approach that would help take away the pain. She approached her friend who introduced her to a new chapter of her new life that a few people would wish to follow the same route. Faddie Sophia was introduced to a witchdoctor by her friend who said that she was a victim and a testimony of the same route two years earlier. Faddie decided to give a try and as she said, her husband came home to build the walls that had collapsed infront of Faddie.

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