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Ladies, Here are 8 Things Men find Attractive in you.

Men love attractive women when they are looking for partners in either relationships or marriages. As the saying goes, love and attractiveness is in the eyes of the beholder, this is somewhat untrue. There are features that a woman would have and a man will find them unattractive. This article therefore lists the traits that men find attractive.

1. Smile

The first thing that a man recognizes in a woman is her smile. A lady who has a frowned and gloomy face tells a lot about her character even before one gets to know her. A smiley face shows gratitude and appreciation in her as compared to women who think that having a bad attitude is being cool.

2. Figure

Attractiveness begins from what a woman is eating. Eating a healthy and balanced diet definitely gives one a good figure ratio that most men are looking for in a woman. It is therefore attractive that one hits the gym or exercises once in a while to keep the body in good shape.

3. Scent

Smelling good is ultimate and best thing everyone notices from a person. Even ladies love men who smell nice. Good scent is really attractive to men and it is therefore your duty to ensure that you have fresh and sweet scent while encountering men. Good breath is also important.

4. Dressing

There is this theory or ideology that women think that men love half naked dressed women. This is not true. Men love well dressed and descent women who they can walk around with in public with a lot of confidence. Red and black colours are found to be what men love to see their women dressed in.

5. Facial symmetry

A woman's face entails a lot. Your eyes and eyebrows are what men always look at while you are talking to them. This is the reason as to why most women are always working on their eyebrows. Smooth skin is also attractive and therefore it is good that you treat your skin acne if you are struggling with it.

6. Lips

As a woman, one doesn't as well feel comfortable with dry or cracked lips while in public. Men too, love good looking lips. Research says that they do find red lipstick more attractive and tend to stare at it for more than 7 seconds.

7. Posture

Good posture tells a lot about a woman. Your posture tells more about your level of confidence and bravery even while talking to people. Therefore as a woman, be advised to work on your posture as this one of contributing factors to your attractiveness.

8. Language

Language is very important when it comes to interacting with people. Some women use bad language, a thing which most men find unattractive. Using words like thank you, welcome and sorry are very important. This shows that you have good etiquete and a man will definitely find you attractive.

No man would love to be associated with an unattractive woman. All men are looking for a mother to his future kids and a life partner. It is therefore eligible that you carry yourself as a smart, confident and thoughtful woman.

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