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Signs To Show A Girl Is Into You

1.She Reschedules A Date She Can't Make

If a girl is into you, she’ll want to see you again! She’ll be willing to reschedule the dinner you planned that overlaps with her girl’s night. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll do everything she can to make you think she’s very busy and cannot be bothered. Eagerness is a confident sign that a woman is into you, as she’ll take the time to make plans with you regardless of her busy schedule.

2.She’s Clearly Nervous Around You

It may seem as though she’s uninterested, but she could just be nervous! Most guys don’t know the difference between when a girl is shy around you vs. when she simply does not want to be near you. Things like face touching, playing with her hair, looking down, and fumbling with her hands are all signs that she’s nervous. Whether she’s talking too much or not at all, do your best to put her mind at ease by making her feel comfortable around you. 

3.She Keeps Looking At You

If she smiles at you when your eyes meet, or if she responds to your smile by smiling back, that’s even more positive. Especially if it’s one of those sweet, shy smiles that comes when you’ve been caught staring.

4.She's Nervous When She Sees You

If a woman likes you, she’ll have butterflies in her stomach when she first sees you, and that might mean her brain takes a short holiday.

5.She Remembers Your Interests And Follow Up On Them

If a woman is regularly texting or messaging you, it’s one of the signs she likes you especially if she initiates these texting sessions as much as you do, and fleshes her message out with fun, flirty emoji. There are extra bonus points to be had if these messages are bolstered with videos or links that connect to something you love. 

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