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Respect And Peace Of Mind Is Everything In Marriage, Benjamin Zulu Advises The Public

Benjamin who is a well known counselor advises that in marriage respect and peace is everything in marriage and that is what keeps Marriages.

''If someone loves you genuinely you'll feel it, and if they don't you'll feel confused. You'll feel confused because they're inconsistent, and that's enough sign that they're only good to you when it's convenient for them. Do not pester them for explanations or fight the fact just because you fear abandonment. Once you've raised it once or twice and received no change or empty promises only, act accordingly and remove yourself from the picture.

It's a fact of human nature that people are only loyal when they're afraid of losing you because they realise they need you. So if someone seems unafraid of losing you they have done their math and come to the conclusion that they can do without you. If you don't seize the initiative and exit their space they'll treat you with contempt because they have nothing to lose after all.

By staying when you're being taken for granted you only embolden them to mistreat you more because you seem desperate and lacking standards and self respect.

Remember the thing you need above everything in this life is not romance or the status of being married or maintaining some stupid family name by enduring shame.

What you need is respect and peace of mind. Never stay where these two are lacking. And never allow any religious mascot to hold you there by telling you to pray and wait for someone who is enjoying themselves with other people out there. Do not wait for someone to bring you depression and diseases and yet they're not your child. You have better battles to fight. Protect yourself.''Benjamin Zulu Advises.

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