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Ways To Know That A Girl Has A Crush On You.

When a lady starts developing romantic feelings for you, she may not reveal it directly but her actions talk much about it. Maybe she's afraid of unleashing how she feels then you reject her. Of course it hurts being turned down by the person you love the most. Also women are just shy so they find it hard to open up. Their gestures and moves signal men that they're interested in them. So what you're supposed to do is make a next move and approach her. She'll give in without hesitating since she has already fallen in love. 

So today I want us to know various ways to identify that a girl has feelings for you. 

1. Knows about your interests. 

All she wants is to make sure you're happy, comfortable and okay with everything she does. This girl hates hurting you either knowingly or unknowingly. This makes her focus on understanding your personality in terms of what you like or dislike. It helps her avoid doing things which send a bad image to you. If you like honest people, she'll never think of lying to you because she knows you won't feel good. 

2. Gives a listening ear. 

This woman's heart is full of love and care about your welfare. Whenever you've a disturbing issue she is always there to listen. Sometimes maybe you fear revealing your worries but she offers to sweettalk you until you're free to share. Means she is fully dedicated to have the best for you. Her happiness is based on your moods so if you're down, you'll notice that she's unhappy too. The girl even doesn't count on your flaws as a fault, actually she does everything to strengthen those weak points. 

3. You're the first priority in her life. 

Not only does she prefer your all time company, but also acknowledges your importance better than that of others. Every time you ask her to come over, she shows up immediately without being forced to do it. Even when her schedule is tight, this woman spares a minute just see you. This means she can sacrifice everything for you. In addition to that, she values you much because you mean a lot to her. 

Observe these three behaviors in a girl who has a crush on you. Once you notice them, know that the game and mission is fully accomplished. You'll have a very easy time to propose to her. 

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