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13 Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics You Need To Know About

Manipulative relationships are abusive and incredible damaging. More often than not, victims of this type of abuse are blind to the manipulation. They rarely suspect that the people who should love them the most, are using tactics of psychological control. Instead of providing happiness and bolstering success, these loved ones become obstacles to achievement. Here are narcissist manipulation tactics you need to know:

1 Enmeshment: it's a term that refers to relationships where personal boundaries are unclear

2 Deflection, diversion, and evasion: narcissists use this tactic to get out of answering direct questions and avoid being caught in lies

3 Amplification: when it comes to their relationships, they amplify failure and push success aside. The end goal is to belittle you, so that the narcissist can assume the center of attention

4 Shaming: most manipulators know that they can turn shame into a weapon

5 Narcissist also use the common tactic of disregarding your emotional or psychological maturity by emphasizing your lack of knowledge or experience in life.

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