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Road Accident

"My Husband Got Into Accident That Made Him Lost His Memory, He Thinks Am His Mother:Lady Narrates

A lady by the name Sophia has narrated how her husband got into accident that made her lost his memories and now he thinks the she is his mother and his children are his siblings.

Sofia says that they did a wedding church and both the in laws and her family were very happy,they were blessed with four kids.

Her husband used to work with a motor bike and she used to stay at home taking Care of the children and he used to work up to 9pm.

On this day Sofia realized that her husband was very late and it was almost midnight and one of his friend who they used to work with came and told her that her husband had an accident at a road side and was taken to the hospital.

When she went to the hospital the doctor told her that his brain was damaged and he might not be the same person ever again something that broke her heart.

He stayed in ICU for six month and when he woke up he couldn't talk and she took him home and started taking care of him after two weeks he started talking calling her his mom and his children as his siblings.

He doesn't remember anything he says that he has never marry or had children or even remember the he had a motorbike or had an accident.

Sofia says that it has not being easy taking care of him because he can't even walk and sometimes he has to carry him wherever they go.

She says that since his brothers knew that he has lost his memories they took all his properties and they are now chasing her out of the house they are staying right.

Sofia has pleaded with well wishers to help her purchase a wheel chair and take her husband to a mental hospital and also request the government to help her so that she wouldn't lost they properties to his brothers.


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