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5 Ways Intelligent People Deal with Difficult and Toxic People

In life there are friends and there are those that think they are friends. They both have different roles, one seeks to help you grow and other seeks to take from you. In every good relationship there is a balance of give and take. Avoid those who have nothing to offer who only seek take until there is nothing left. On your way up you need a small support as you can get. Avoid those who stress you and those who don't help you fulfill your dreams. Here are 5 ways intelligent people deal with difficult and toxic people.

1: Avoid toxic people; Intelligent people know how to avoid toxic people who stress them. It may be a friend or a boss but they know how to avoid them for their own peace. They limit physical access and send emails more where necessary.

2; Engage wisely; Intelligent people don't engage with toxic people without being prepared. They know they can be manipulative, so they weigh their words carefully and ask them a lot of questions to clarify their actions.

3: They remain factual; Intelligent people when dealing with toxic people use facts. They don't engage them emotionally because they know they are seldom rational in their thinking. They know how to go around it and ask questions to weigh them from a factual perspective.

4: They create boundaries; They create boundaries to help them interact with toxic people better. They can say that they should not be called during work. If intelligent person is in a romantic relationship with a toxic person, certain boundaries around work and family will help in dealing with a toxic partner easier.

5: They remain aware of their emotions and try to relate with their friends who may be toxic. They don't want to be sucked into the emotional when with their toxic friend. They perceive things very differently and usually don't see a lot of reasons to be happy. They know their attitude will determine a lot in their life.

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