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Things That Are Secretly Killing Your Relationship

When in a relationship, we sometimes do things knowingly and at times unknowingly all of which are a disaster to our relationship. Below are some of the things most people do that kill a relationship.

1. When you break the trust your partner has for you. Trust is the root of a relationship and once it has been affected, there is bound to be problems in the relationship. Constant breaking of trust slowly kills your relationship. Always be honest with your partner.

2. Denying your partner in public. Some people feel ashamed and uncomfortable holding their partner's hands in public. Others don't even like being seen in public with there spouse. This behavior kills a relationship slowly as it serves as a form of rejection.

3. Holding grudges on one another. When you wrong each other and solve the problem, the issue should be forgotten. Some people however bring back past misunderstandings and this kills the relationship as it is like poison.

4. Comparing your partner with other people. This is a sign that you do not appreciate and accept him/her the way they are. Worst of all is comparing your current partner with your ex, it is detrimental as it will make the relationship come to an end.

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