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If A Lady Loves You, She Might Ask You These Questions

Some ladies have a difficult time admitting their sentiments. Some people believe it is wrong, while others are less outspoken yet they may try to send the message to you by asking questions. 

In this essay, I will list some questions that a lady may ask you when she falls in love with you. 

1. What kind of girls you prefer:This is a Damn good sign. When a lady asks you this question, she is attempting to determine your spec so that she can determine if she fits in. Even when she asks you this question, she may not offer you a specific reason for asking because she is bashful or believes it is not appropriate for her to be the first to express it. When a lady asks you this question, you may be sure she adores you. 

2. If you have a girlfriend, if she likes you, she will want to know whether or not you are available:However, she may be asking for other reasons, which is why it is critical to seek for other signals of interest when she asks you so that you may be more convinced that she is attracted to you. 

3. Inquire about your previous relationships:She may inquire about this to determine if you are a good match for her; knowing the reason for your breakups in the past will help her decide if you are a suitable match for her. 

The list goes on and on. You can also know if she likes you by looking at her body language. If you approach her while she is with friends, glance at her feet; if they are towards you, chances are she likes you. If she looks you in the eyes and smiles when you or she talks, chances are she likes you; if she gets close to you to talk or leans toward you when you're sitting, chances are she likes you; and if she laughs a lot with you, chances are she likes you. But most importantly if you think she likes you and you like her, ask her. Good old-fashioned communication is always effective.

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