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" Haki Mapenzi " Netizens React to Nelly Oaks and Akothee's Photo During Their Breakfast

Akothee is having the best times with her darling Nelly Oaks.They love is so sweet and it leaves so many people yearning to be in such relationships, Akothee And Nelly Oaks are by each others side no one leaves the other. This is so encouraging.

This morning Akothee and Nelly Oaks had their breakfast outside their house and they were so happy while having their breakfast. They were taking some juice and plenty of Other foods, so Akothee Did Some Major changes with her hair design and she looks good , Akothee claims that Nelly plays with her new look , so jokingly Nelly Oaks apparently seemed to be trying to tell Akothee something, as she was trying to bring her hear closer to try to listen, Nelly did the Unthinkable, Check it here.

Netizens could not control their emotions, they saw it being so funny and of course others loved their love life.

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