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Being a Man, Here are the Few Tips on How to Attract a Lady

Men find it very difficult attracting or approaching a lady of her dream , here are the few tips that you should consider before taking any step in meeting a girl.

1. Always make her happy. This one thing that can make a girl decide whether to fall for you or not. In any chance you're with a girl always make her happy and bring instances of humour . Girls love funny men .by doing this you'll be one step ahead in winning her.

2. Be clean. Being clean makes one presentable and gives you the confidence even to approach a lady. Always take a shower apply perfume and wear something good and presentable .Ladies fall in love with you even from your perfume. Choosing the kind of outfit is also very important. so men consider this.

3. Be confident. talk to her and make yourself confident by telling her that you admire her and always compliment a girl as this makes her happy and keep her knowing that you're always attracted to her. She will consider you at one point .

4. Show affection. By being close to her always show your affection ,hugging her always letting her know that you care, buying her gifts and ask her for dates .

5.Spend on her.

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