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Ladies: A Man Is Madly In Love With You If He Does The Following 5 Things

A true gentleman, in my opinion, is always polite and respectful. He is well-behaved, and the ladies are always his first priority. The thought of women coming first is unsettling to most African men. They frequently claim that this is colonization, which is something that white men excel at.

Is there any pleasure greater than falling in love? It feels as if the entire world comes to a halt when you fall in love. However, how can you tell if your lover adores you? He could be doing nothing more than killing time and messing with your emotions. Here are six signs he's in love with you:

1.After a long day, he wants to cook for you - you may have had a long day and are tired as you journey home. Your man will be busy creating your favorite supper in the kitchen.

2.He learns to like the things you like - he will adapt to what you want to do the most, such as watching movies.

3.He forgives you without harboring grudges - he will entirely forgive you and will not bring up your mistake again.

4.He writes poems or creates art for you since you are always on his mind and he can't get enough of you. He will write love poems for you so that he can convey his sentiments in writing.

5.He is constantly proud of you and wants everyone to know who you are, therefore he makes it a point to introduce you to his friends.

6.He brags about you on social media - He might prefer to brag about you on social media rather than in person if he's an introvert.

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