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Things women do not like when you do

1. You are too flirty with other women.

If she spots you flirting with other girls at the same time, she will know you are just in for any catch and are not really into her. This is even worse when in a relationship. She will hate you for flirting with other women.

2. Compliments to her friends are frequent.

This is a big one and you have to play it carefully because you need her friends to like you. But at the same time, you need to show her you believe she is the best of the group because that is why you are with her.

3. You are painfully blunt.

Speaking bluntly perfectly with your buddies is fine but with women, you have to be careful with words. They actually pay attention to what you are saying.

4. You are noticeably stuck on your ex.

Let bygones be bygones and as much as you might feel sorry for a failed relationship, keep it to yourself and move on. Never talk about your former girlfriends unless she brings it up in the conversation.

5. You show your cheap side.

Do not be cheap with yourself. Dress well, make sure you smell good and consume equitable priced drinks. Going for the cheapest ones will not make much of an impression. When spoiling your girl with a gift, choose the middle ground by neither buying the most expensive items on the shelf, nor the cheapest ones.

6. You are stuck on alcohol.

It is ok to get wasted a couple of times. However, a man stuck on alcohol is not reliable and consistent with any action, except drinking. Although some of these types of guys are funny and socially reputed, some women might hang around them but this will get them nowhere.

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