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Husband and wife relationship

For Married Only: Best Laws that Sustains a Happy Marriage Home.

Best Laws that Sustains a Happy Marriage Home.

Some of the Laws that sustain a happy marriage home.

The Law of;

1. total submission -This say wife humble your self to you man.

2. Contempt - by this, be satisfied with that you have.

3. Truth - by this you will build strong trust and Free conscience.

4. Forgiveness - this give you joy and strength to focus on the positive things.

5. Communication - assessment, expressions, suggestions, etc by this.

6. Conservation of attractions - Neatness, Seduction and Sexual acts fall herein.

8. Temporal distance - too much of every thing irritates. Give him some time or even days gap.

9. Self improvement - upgrade your self in all positive trending and learn new skills or trade.

10. Interest and concern - show interest or concerns in his affairs, sincerely.

11. Prayers and praises - this is the Paramount key of peace.

12. Power and information - learn how to show points and stand your ground. Learn to say no with smile.

13. Passion and prudence - handle him as your first and or the only son. Investigate the cause of his flaws b4 you attack or condemn.

14. Positive thoughts - be focused, have your own plans in line with his. Ignore his irritations.

15. Partial Independence - don't show him you that you can't do with out him. Yet don't be arrogant and stupid.

With all these laws in proper play, let's see him cheat again and we cause him.

Dear married Men,

Nobody will tell you this but I will, ️if you want to go far in life, love your wife, take good care of her, make her happy and her prayers ️will open doors for you.

Remember when things go down healthwise or financially for you, only your wife will feed you and will be there for you. Most of your friends and side chicks will abandon you! ️

And lastly, that lady you think is better than your wife, it's because she is not living with you. Brother, invest in your woman!

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Comments: u can be all these and he will still go to another woman ... see more

This is best of life I have ever had

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