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Indicators That You Are Dating The Right Girlfriend.

I'm I dating the right person or I'm just wasting time? This is the question that gives most guys sleepless nights trying to figure out whether they've already settled on the right partner. It hurts much when you choose someone to fall in love with as your soulmate but still end up in premium tears.

They say " it's better to lose someone whom you're just passing time with than the one you've already chosen to be with forever". I think only those who have been through such situations can understand this. 

My dear brothers, many are the times you mess up trying to be in relationship with a girl who doesn't love you back. She's just there to use your energy, money and focuses only on self satisfaction. I want to clear the fear of being in love with the wrong person by sharing the various indicators that reveal you're with the best girl. 

1. She's the source of your happiness. 

Indeed if you find yourself being happy because of a woman then that lady really makes you feel good. Keeps your moods high, peaceful and ensures that no one has hard feelings. Every time you see this girl, all the boring/ disappointing moods just disappear. She acts as a heart nourisher to your life by being there all the time. If a girl loves you obvious her main aim is to see you happy so she avoids anything that will make you sad. 

2. Independent. 

There is nothing which is as boring as having a clingy woman. She can't do anything on her own and keeps on asking for money. A real girlfriend doesn't become a nuisance in your life by chasing your financial abilities. Instead she works harder to get her own money, help in laying bills as well running self affair's. This means she can run all the family businesses even when you are not around. 

3. Self care. 

She respects her worth as well as recognizing her beauty. This woman does not go out there pleasing every man. Does everything in a sweet perfect way not to attract attention but to maintain a reputable image. She is hygienic and knows cleanliness comes first in everything needed to keep a relationship strong. Her qualities are always held high and works on being the best without your force. 

Therefore, if you notice these signs in your woman then don't let that chance go. Hold on by giving the same efforts to avoid making the affair look one sided. Hope you find this article helpful so please don't forget to like, comment and share.

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