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Secret to making your crush pursue you.

Are you having a crush on someone is the person that you admire have no idea about how you are feeling about them here are some tips to make them acknowledge your feelings and even pursue you if you are lucky.

Buy them gifts : if you want your crush to recognise you , you should try and buy them a small gift at first they will accept the gift as a kind gesture but it will leave them thinking about the intention behind the gift. Another way is confessing your feelings to them as you may end up realising that they love you in return.

Show your positive side as people always want to be associated with happy people this will make them want to hang around you all the time . You should also complement others positively and this will reciprocate to you as people associate words you use to describe others to your actual characteristics.

Have you ever had a crush on someone how did you handle it comment below like and share

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