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Simple ways of getting a girl you hurt back

You probably feel like your girl is gone forever, but all is not lost. Everyone makes mistakes, and your relationship can still be fixed. It might take time, but we’ll help you get back a girl you hurt. We’ll walk you through all the steps you need to take to prove to her that you’ve changed and you’re the right person for her.

1.Give her space if she’s really upset.

She’ll probably need some time to herself while she’s hurting. You’re probably feeling really hurt and rejected if she doesn’t want to talk to you or see you. Take comfort in knowing that giving her this time will help you fix things. In the meantime, try to spend time with your friends and family so you won't feel so sad.

2.Wait to talk to her in person.

Don’t text her to apologize. This is an emotional conversation that will go better if you do it in-person. It's important that she be able to see your facial expressions and hear your tone of voice as you apologize.

3.Invite her to meetup via text when you're ready to apologize.

Tell her in the text that you want to talk about what happened.Ask her to meet you in a neutral location where you can talk things over. Pick somewhere casual so it doesn't feel like a date. She might not be open to romance right now.

4.Apologize for what you did wrong.

Show her you feel bad about hurting her. Start your apology by saying what you did wrong so she knows you understand. Then, acknowledge that your actions hurt her and tell her how terrible you feel about it. Finish your apology by promising to never do it again.

5 .Take responsibility for your actions.

Own your mistakes so she knows things will be different going forward. Be honest about everything that went wrong, and avoid blaming anyone else for what you did. This shows her that you’re stepping up and committing to be better, which will help you win her back.

6.Ask for forgiveness.

This can help you fix your relationship faster. Once you’ve apologized, be direct about wanting forgiveness. However, give her time to respond because she might not be ready to forgive you yet. Tell her you’re willing to wait for her response.

7.Listen to her side of the story.

Focus all of your attention on her while she’s talking. Additionally, listen to everything she has to say without interrupting her. Once she’s finished, repeat back what she said in your own words so she knows you were listening. This will show her that you truly care about making amends.

8.Make an effort to repair your relationship.

Back up your words with actions. An apology will go a long way toward repairing your relationship, but she also needs to see you taking steps to make things better. Ask her how you can make it up to her, then follow through on what she says. Additionally, you can shower her with attention and compliments to show her you really care.

9.Give her a sweet reminder of good times in your relationship.

Doing something nice for her will show her you care.Think of a favorite memory you two made together. It might be a date you went on, a special moment you shared, or a song you both like. Get or make a small gift that will remind her of the moment so she remembers your good times together.

10.Show her you’ve changed.

We all make mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. All you can do is learn from them and do better next time. Be the good partner you want to be. In time, she’ll recognize that you’re not the same person who hurt her.

11.Rebuild the trust you had with her.

Don’t just talk a good talk—take action. Start by being there for her and following through on your promises. Additionally, treat her well and make her your priority. Be honest about what you’re doing, and don’t keep secrets.

12.Give her time to decide what she wants.

Be patient because it takes time to heal. In the meantime, ask what she needs from you. She might want space, but she may be open to easing back to the way things were before you hurt her. If so, be the best partner you can be so she sees how committed you are to saving your relationship.

13.Accept your relationship is over if she won’t take you back.

You may not be able to get her back if she's moved on. Breakups are really painful, but things will get better. Express your hurt over the breakup by talking to a friend about it. Then, try to figure out what you can learn from this relationship. This will help you heal faster so you can fall for someone new.

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