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Why Age Difference Should Be Considered For Lovers: Opinion

Of course love does not see any wrong in the other and should come genuinely from one's and never to be faked.

There is also nothing as good as having that one person whom you trust your feelings with, that one close friend who offers a shoulder to lean on. So my question is should you consider age apart from the love you feel for each other?

To me I feel that age should be something that one has to be put in consideration when choosing their life partner.

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I feel that men should not go ladies that are older than them and ladies should not go for men younger than them. This is because scientifically or rather biologically, ladies are said to have a higher Intelligence Quotieny(IQ) as compared to men of their age.

This therefore is an indication that a man and a lady of the same age to not have the same intelligence level. Therefore a man ought to be at least some years older than a lady so as to at least come to a closer intelligence level.

That is why in my opinion I feel that men should consider ladies that are at least 3 to five years than them so as to match their level of intelligence.

But still at the end of the day what matters is that the two of you love each other and am therefore not against any partners whose wives are older than them. So long as you are comfortable with you lover what the world says also does not pay much.

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At the end of the day love remains to be blind.

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