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Reasons Why It's Very Difficult To Win Her After Texting Her Hello

Hello guys, hope you are good whenever you are. If you have been reading my articles, i know by now you have already found your love partner. If not, keep on reading them and am sure you will eventually find her.Okay, today's articles is as stated above.

Most men usually find it difficult to approach a girl and if you have the guts to approach her, sometimes you find that things don't end up well. So that's why i have decided to come up with such a headline. I hope it will be of great importance to most of you.

Your first impression wasn't good.

It means that you had zero game and that's why you didn't catch her attention during the first date. When you are with a girl, be yourself. You should let your energy flow and let your personality shine through.

Don't be that type of man who counts his money in front of her. You may think that when you do so you will be able to capture her attention. In real sense you will be just lying to yourself.

Always keep in mind that there is no second chance when it comes to convincing the person you just met the first time. That explains why most men don't make it through after the first date. You shouldn't let your woman know where you live and what type of work you do.

Provided you can put something on the table, you are good to go. No matter how much she insists, learn not to expose your life. That's the only way you will be able to make her want to know more about you.

Terrible Conversations.

Let's say that you have just gotten her number and you text her "hello". If she is a girl who is used to getting attention from men, trust me, your "hello" won't get you anywhere. You should go ahead and say something else after texting her hello.

Let me help you there, you should go ahead and tell her things like, "i have been going through your pics and it seems like we have something in common". Such statement will create a positive impression in her mind.

She will want to also know more about you. Women like to hear that you were stalking them. It usually makes them feel special and appreciated. It isn't a must you say that statement but for instance, tell her something that will make her respond to your text.

You take that opportunity for granted.

There are this type of men who think that all girls are the same. That's why you find men treating all women like they are the same. What you need to know is that, each woman has her own likes and dislikes.

If you do not carefully asses a woman you are about to approach, you may end up failing to win her attention. Avoid using formulas you have been using to win other women. Yes it may have been of great help to you but it will reach a time when it will fail you.

What am really trying to say is that, each woman is unique. So don't put them in the same box. Instead you should take your time and asses her well before you decide to approach her.

That's all for today. Meanwhile you can follow our page for more articles and don't forget to share this information with your friends. See you then in our next article.

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