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Signs That You Are Forcing Her To Talk To You.

Both of you don't talk anymore.

Everybody knows that verbal communication in a relationship is very important and vital. When both of you start to break down by not texting, calling or asking how the day has been for both of you just know that this is the end of your relationship.

She will start hiding her phone.

If she starts to behave secretly by hiding her phone when she is around you, just know that she isn't loyal. She may not have done this before but when such behavior starts to emerge take caution.

She is no longer intimate with you.

By this i mean if you guys used to cuddle or holding hands together as you walked. When you notice she is uncomfortable when you hold her hand in public, this is a clear sign that she doesn't want you anymore.

They start leaving you on red for hours.

She may take too much time so as to reply your texts or she can choose not to reply them at all. This normally occurs when she is in love with someone else. So she has lost interest in you.

She will be overly kind to you.

In a good relationship you should be able to know your partner's behavior. When things change dramatically and she starts to be overly kind to you. It is a sign that something is not quite right. She maybe overly kind because she is feeling guilty about the thing she has done.

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