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No Matter Your Age, Never Ever Do Any of These 16 Things (Photos)

No matter your age, never ever do any of these sixteenth things:

1. Cheating on your partner. A being especially one you've entered wedlock with, should not be cheated on. Having secret love relationship outside marriage ties may mess up the mental status of the other partner.

2. Driving while drunk. This is not only risky to the life of pedestrians and other travellers on road, but also the one driving while under alcoholic influence. Simply don't drink and drive.

3. Engaging in gangs. Gangs aren't good groups at all. If one engages in them he/she undoubtedly ruins his/her life and reputation.

4. Acting superior to those younger than you. It's an easy thing to do, but though a bad behavior. If you do, karma will slap you hard in the face.

5. Laughing while drinking something. At the very first place, it isn't table manners. Likewise and in the worst case, whatever you're drinking while laughing may basically come out through your nose.

6. Giving up on your dreams. Challenges are there, and might make coming of your dreams seem untrue. No matter the case, never ever give up on your dreams. Stay positive.

7. Eating another human being. Reasons that can make one eat fellow human being are beyond imagination and explanation. No matter the circumstances, cannibalism on another human being shouldn't be an option.

8. Spreading rumors about someone. You can be a witness yes, give a testimony of a given incident, but whirling around rumors about others should forever be your last and unnecessary option.

9. Saying a racial slur in public. I once did so while joking around with a friend of mine - trust me, it did not work well with me. Never ever do so.

10. Abusing drugs. There is a number of people who got addicted to dangerous drugs and that ruined their lives.

11. Taking parent's/guardian's car or bike for a joyride with your friends. In most cases things might go unexpected - especially when the taking is done without permission.

12. Blaming your mistakes on others. You can take your personal mistakes or failures for a lesson, but don't blame others for them. Simply learn and be used to owning up your actions.

13. Poisoning somebody. You better warn, report to authority or even forgive someone who wrongs you, but don't ever poison your fellow human being.

14. Judging someone in a happy and stable relationship. Don't judge, you better leave them alone.

15. Telling anyone's personal issues, secrets or bringing them into an argument that is beyond hurtful. Remember, they maybe trusted you for a reason or two.

16. Seizing praying. For whichever reason, never stop praying. Even in times of difficulties, hold on to your faith and keep praying. Things will definitely come to work out in the right time.

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