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Dating Romantic

How do you make him interested?

If he likes you at all snubbing him and pretending disinterest should work. Doing this will send him the message that you have higher standards that he is not living up to and it will make him try harder and want you more.

If you hang on his every word and jump when he says jump you are sending him the message that you are his and he need only snap his fingers to get anything he wants from you. Contrary to what you believe a guy does not want this.

A guy will not climb a mountain that is two inches tall because nobody will be impressed not even himself. When a girl is totally submissive a guy does not feel special in any way no matter how pretty you are. You are like a two inch mountain that he can walk all over easily and he will.

If he knows you are interested try walking away. Now he will feel like you have something he needs and it won't be long untill he decides to find out what that is.

You have demonstrated that you don't need him, you just wanted him and he won't let you get to far before he becomes the chaser. He doesn't want to find out what he was missing when you start dating one of his friends.

Now he is challenged to go within himself and find what made him special to you. He will find it and improve it.

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