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Top Five Weird Wedding Customs

There are many cultures around the world with varied customs, especially where marriage is concerned.

Although marriage is universal, there are unique customs scattered around the world. Here are some of them that you might find interesting:

1. Shooting the Bride.

In the Yugur culture in China, the groom is supposed to shoot his bride three times with an arrow. The arrowheads are taken off before the shooting commences. After the shooting, the groom crushes the arrowheads as a sign to show that their love is eternal.

2. Spitting on the Bride.

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The Maasai of Kenya believes that the father of the bride is supposed to spit on her after she is fully dressed for the occasion. Contrary to many beliefs that this brings bad luck, the Maasai view it as a sign of blessings and wealth given by the father.

3. Dirtying Bride

In Scotland, before the bride is wedded, it is a tradition that her friends tie her around a tree and throw rotten fish, vegetables and dirt on her. This is to signify that the bride will endure the challenges that are in a marriage.

4. Being Serious.

Contrary to the belief that weddings are supposed to be full of fun, cheers and laughter, that is not the case in Congo. It is believed that the bride and the groom are supposed to be serious on their wedding day without even smiling. This is to ensure that they will be able to handle issues maturely in their marriage.

5. Dancing with the Bride.

In Scotland, the bride and the groom are supposed to share the first dance. In their culture, it is believed that if they do not dance the fairy will take the bride away.

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Thank you for reading. Please share your unique wedding culture in the comments section below.

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