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15 Reasons Why Woman Reject You

1.You are not respecting her as your woman.

2.You are not giving her freedom to do what she wants.

3.You are not dressing well like other men to look presentable.

4.You complain about women.

5.You are not smelling good.

6.You are talking to other women when you are around her.

7.You are lazy in your work.

8.You don't have financial support.

9.You are not spending your time with her.

10.You are not listening to what she is saying or take any action for what she has said.

11.You are not maintaining your eye contact with hers indicating you are shy.

12.You are not making her feel special as your woman.

13.You are not approaching her in good manner.

14.You are not calling her good names like my lover you are just calling her name.

15.You are not laughing or making jokes to her.

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