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Dating Romantic

Signs That She Really Likes you

She smiles at you.

This means she finds you interesting and she and she is attracted to you.

Glancing at you time to time.

It means that she is thinking about you and she can not help herself from looking at you.

Darting her eyes away when you look at her.

This means that you make her shy and most probably in a sweet way.

Brushing her fingers through her hair.

At this moment she can be fantasizing with you in all the possible romantic ways.

Exposing her neck.

She may wear blouses that expose her neck a little bit so as to catch your attention on her.

Touching you lightly on your arm or shoulder.

Most of the times she does not know while she is really touching you because she finds you adorable.

Other things you might find her doing are:

staring at you for a long time, laughing when you talk, caressing objects with her fingers and making drawing signs on the ground using her feet.

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