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Reasons Why Celebrity Marriages And Relationships Don't Last

lmage courtesy:Thee Pluto and Felicity

lmage courtesy:Diamond and Tanasha Donna

Here are 5 main reasons celebrity marriages collapse, as well as how we may avoid making the same mistakes in our own relationships.

1. Insufficient time spent together:

Celebrities’ production and tour schedules transport them around the country and throughout the world for weeks at a time. This, predictably, makes it difficult for them to prioritize their connection, which becomes a problem in a marriage.

While it’s healthy to spend time apart from your partner, it’s also critical that your schedules are mostly in sync, or you and your partner may begin to feel like strangers.

2. Excessive ego:

In a partnership, you must consider both your partner’s and your own needs and desires. This isn’t always the case with celebrities, who are accustomed to being the centre of attention.

“It’s quite difficult to put two people with great amounts of power, fame, money, and ego in the same room.”

Celebrities who are accustomed to having everything catered to them may become irritated when their partners want their undivided attention as well. When they can find others who won’t expect as much from them, this may feel like too much work.

3. You’ll grow apart if you don’t grow together:

One of the reasons famous relationships fail is because the rules alter.

“The majority of people’s lives remain the same after marriage. Celebrities are exempt from this. A single film or song has the power to completely transform their life.”

“As beautiful as those prospects seem, they may be very difficult for a spouse who didn’t sign up to be married to a sexy man or woman who everyone in the public wants a piece of.”

4. Constant Possibilities

Apart from the fact that celebrities have no shortage of admirers who want to have a good time with them, many celebrities are forced to make out with their handsome and charming coworkers as part of their profession.

Because of this, cheating is on the rise among women in particular.

5. Love Doesn’t Have to Be as Dramatic as in the Movies:

In a marriage, what makes a beautiful movie relationship scene (i.e., a man racing through the rain to try to reclaim his girlfriend after he has mistreated her) makes for an uncomfortable moment.

Another issue for many celebrities is that they don’t realize the difference between falling in love and being in love. Our brains literally alter after a few years with one partner, and we settle into a much more predictable and stable condition together. This is normal, but it may worry someone who is looking for the euphoria of new love.

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