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My Mood swings are affecting my marriage

Mood swings affect millions of people,and research indicates that women are twice as likely to experience mood swings than men. These Swings may be generated by too much coffee,too much stress, hormone imbalances,food allergies and nutritional deficiencies.

Mood swings are characterized by episodes of mania and depression.During an episode of mania,one may experience an abnormally elevated mood, irritability,decreased need for sleep, increased talking and racing thoughts.

During episodes of depression, one may experience persistent sad and empty moods,loss of interest in activities, feelings of worthlessness and physical ailments such as headaches, chronic pain or digestive disorders.

Treating mood swings has an 80% to 90% success rate for those who seek help.

A good nerve tonic that will nourish the nervous system is recommended and must be safe to use . Many nerve tonic like herbex contains all the ingredients you need to have to relax and since they are natural herbal remedy,they are safe to use.

Take care.

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