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What It Means When a Girl Is Staring at You

1. She finds you attractive.

If you notice a girl is looking at you and she is either smiling and laughing or giving you a certain look while staring, then she most likely finds you attractive. This is a good sign that she is interested in you and finds you so attractive she cannot keep her eyes off of you.

2. She likes you and wants to get to know you.

If a girl is staring at you for a while, especially in conversation, she wants to get to know you. This is especially true if she is showing body language signs that she is attracted to you, which could include little touches and fun banter. She will most likely try to flirt with you as well if she is staring a lot which is also another indication that she likes you.

3. She is flirting with you.

If a girl is staring at you a lot and specifically giving you the eyes, she is most likely flirting. She wants to get to know you and wants you to flirt back and in a way. Making and establishing eye contact is a huge rule in flirting and that could be a sign she is trying to flirt through her eyes. She might not even care if you approach or not because all she wants to get is your attention as she likes seeing when guys respond back and let her know they are interested too.

4. She might be gossiping with friends.

When a girl stares at you, especially when she is with a group of friends, it could be because they are gossiping about you. A big topic of conversation between girls is boys and the gossip can be both good or bad. She could also be gossiping with friends and staring at you for a long time because she and her friends might have heard something about you from a friend or an acquaintance.

5. She is looking at you subconsciously.

Sometimes when a girl is staring at you it might not mean anything at all other than she is dazed out and her eyes happen to be looking at you or you are in her field of vision.

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