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Things Your Woman Wants You To Do But Will Not Tell

There are things your partner wants you to do but will not tell you.There are things your man way you to do but will not tell you and there are things your woman wants you to do but will not tell you.Here are things your woman wants you to do but will not tell you.

1.She wants you to touch her hair, hands and kiss her when you are with her.Touch her hair softly and her hands.Kiss her as she wants.

2.She wants you to have confidence to address many people.Have enough confidence to talk infront of people without fearing.

3.She wants you to escort her to any place she is going.Pay visit with her to any place she is going like market.

4.She wants you to introduce her to your friends that she is your woman.Make your friends know well that she is your woman.

5.She wants you to spend time with her.Spend your time with her.Ask her what she needs and promise to provide her with it.

6.She wants you to ask her how was her day.Wish her good day everyday.Call her and text her daily.

7.She wants you to dress smart to impress her.Dress smart to impress her.Wore on clothes that she can get attracted to.

8.She wants you to make her laugh and smile.Make funny things and jokes to make her laugh and smile.

9.She wants you to trust her.Stop following for what she is doing to see whether it is good or bad.Trust for what she is doing.

10.She wants you to ignore relationship with other women.She wants you love her only as your woman.Get satisfied with her only as your only woman.

11.She wants you to respect her as your woman.Listen to what she is saying and take action immediately for what she has said.Do not rebuke her.

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