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Primary Education


Using Different Colours & Flowers To Shade Your Love Letter: Real Legends Passed This Stage

People pass through various stages in life. The stages are accompanied by a number of activities. For example, when you were young, you could play some games together with your colleagues. You could build some houses using the clay soil, jump over a rope, play hide and seek game among many others. However, there is one common stage in life called adolescent stage.

During this stage, many learners in primary and secondary schools begin to learn about love relationships. They start developing interests in making love affairs. Because of this, they get involved in writing love letters. Some, in primary schools, go to the extent of using different colour shades to make their letters appear beautiful like the one below.

Generally, this is a critical stage where teachers play very vital role in transforming the lives of the learners. We must appreciate our teachers for the good work they do. This is because without their concern over the lives of our children, many of them would drop out of school.

Did you also write these letters while in primary or secondary school? If you did not do this then you must be very young.

Content created and supplied by: @arapoutta (via Opera News )


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